I once read that people who are able to speak two dialects may unconsciously change their personality when they switch languages. Whether or not this is correct, I do feel such notion runs true in terms of locations: that when one inhabits a place other than their own home, they may unconsciously change their personality. But that’s not to say this is a bad thing - just as routine is not incessantly a bad thing - but it is true that a break from our familiar lives leaves us with a refreshed version of ourselves.

That a location can be associated with a more relaxed, calmer, and inspired version of oneself is definitely true for myself. I spent this week away in a house only a few stone throws away from the beach with Penny and Gemma, two of my closest friends, (you can check out Gemma's blog here). And it’s pretty hard for anyone to deny that the ocean has a kind of calming effect upon most people. But it’s not just the beach, it’s being able to check out the café’s, have a chai latte, walk to the shops, have a chai latte, explore the op-shop, and maybe have another chai latte. Speaking of, I must reveal the origins of the beautiful bag featured above. I was so amazed and excited to discover the said bargain in the op-shop! I admit that there is something rather exciting about second-hand treasures – and a kind of charm - as who knows where they have come from? I also picked up a gorgeous black dress, a gingham skirt, and another, slightly larger bag. I will post more about these additional items upon a later date, because right now I am dying for another chai latte.

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