As I sat in the Autumn sun a green leaf fell into my bag. I asked my friend Sam what this meant. He said that when a green leaf falls, it represents a lost hope. I found this concept horrific.

Am I a lost hope?

I sought to define this concept. This is as far as I got:

Firstly, I figured that the reason behind the tragedy of a green leaf falling was that it was not ready to fall. Green is evident of life and a hope of sustainability. It should be the brown/orange/red/yellow leaves that fall in Autumn. Otherwise the trees will be naked sooner than they need to be.

Secondly, I realised that -  although far fetched -  it was possible to translate this notion into human life. There are two ways through which I can conceive such a concept:
a) The first, that we grow and work towards a goal. Sometimes we grow closer, but perhaps you didn’t work hard enough, or you were not given the right circumstances, or it’s just not right for you. So it falls early.
b) Now the second has a debatable level of morbidity, and yet I think it is more relevant: our lives are lived as a lesson. And although one can pass on advice to the next generation, we can only learn through the experience of living. But by the time we have learned life’s important lessons - by the time we have ‘ripened’ - our time is up.

Ironically, I am actually rather cynical. I know that the green leaf falling into my bag did not mean anything. But that wasn’t the point, the point was that it made me think; and that seems a good enough reason to write about a green leaf falling. 

(p.s. So yeah the leaf looks a bit yellow now but I promise it was green)

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