It’s true. Like every other New Year’s Resolution that is ever conceived, my blog has been neglected. I won’t lie, I am a little ashamed, and very sad and sorry. But I’m also excited to start again. What’s my excuse? Life. It gets in the way sometimes, you know?
So I started this thing called university this year, and it’s been pretty amazing. Besides the actual coursework - which has been somewhat of a breath of fresh air - the routine change has been shockingly wonderful. And whilst it is exhausting travelling into the city (yay two hour public transport trips!) I’ve gotta say that I love the café culture that Melbourne has to offer, and with which I have certainly become more familiar with. You’d be surprised how many places make an excellent 1/4 strength latte, extra hot with one sugar.
But for now I have some exciting news. In fact, I am so incredibly, hysterically thrilled by this that every time I think about it – no joke – my heart skips a beat:

Osteuropa, ich komme!

Ανατολική Ευρώπη, εδώ έρχομαι!

Evropa Lindore, këtu kam ardhur!

Istočne Europe, dolazim!

Istočna Europa, ovdje sam došao!

Источна Европа, долазим!

Kelet-Európa, jövök!

Východní Evropa, už jdu!

Each of these phrases translates to “Eastern Europe, here I come!” in the languages of the countries I will be visiting on an unbelievable, month-long adventure in June this year! Just in case you’re like me and don’t speak eight languages (I used Google translate whaaaaaa?!) the countries in the trip include Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic, making up Topdeck’s 17 day Great Eastern tour. I will also be paying a long overdue visit to my dearly missed friends in Germany, who I have not seen for over two years(!!!)
A Greek island, an 11th century Greek Orthodox monastery, King’s Landing and George Ezra’s single are just a few of the places I’ll visit. For me, it is almost impossible to think of anything more exciting than the prospect of travel. You look down upon your home from above the clouds and then suddenly you’re in the unknown. And whilst I love the essence of familiarity, nothing can compare to fresh sights upon the eyes, living and breathing in another air. It’s an awareness of how small and insignificant one is, yet feeling that you are nevertheless on top of the world.

But just a disclaimer: although this trip sounds like a fairytale and a dream come true, it has by no means been easy. It’s taken two years saving and missing out on social events to go to work. But even just for the excitement I am feeling in anticipation for this trip, it has all been worth it!

(p.s. The title is from the song Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton)

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