I'm off! As I write this I am on my connecting flight from Doha to Munich, sitting some 43000 feet above the ground, some 1890km from my destination, and 19 hours from home. My row has three seats, but I am the only occupier. So that means spacious leg room, three pillows and a glorious window seat! Bet those chaps up in First Class are spewin'!

My friends know that I love airports. This is true. But when I arrived at Melbourne Airport, I was so incredibly anxious that I could not sit still as I ate my herb chicken noodle soup (the consequential burnt tongue is still an issue). I was tapping my heals on the tiled floor food-court floor, so full of nervous energy that even Dad's coughing fit from his spicy  curry was making me stressed.

It did really dawn on me that I was jumping on an international flight alone until I turned the corner into customs. At that moment, I just thought what the fuck am I doing? But then a snappy lady ushered me into a busy queue so there was no more time for my frantic musings.

I can't actually express how excited I was to board, so I won't try. All I can say is that my heart leapt way further up in my chest than is anatomically possible, and that all this nervous energy was so exhausting that by the time the plane took off I was already half asleep.

Also, can I just say, that the toilet flush on planes is SUPER loud? So I cover my ears and wave my foot around the notion sensor.

I chased the sun along the horizon but it beat me. 5.30am in Doha and the sun was already high in the sky. Not to mention it was 35 degrees. Australia is hot but at 5.30am? This must be sorcery. A thick cloud of sand hindered my eyes from searching too far into the distance, and a hot, dry wind accompanied it.

1 hour 43 minutes until landing time. 1329km to go. Still 43000 feet above ground. And just as excited as ever.

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