THOUGHTS // 10.6.2015

A few Mondays ago, I stumbled across some inspiration. I feel like I have lost a bit of it since, but I’ll try to find it again, so that I can relay it in this post.

So I met Graeme Simsion. You may or may not heard of him, so I shall explain his relevance to my story: he is a Melbourne-based author who wrote The Rosie Project and more recently The Rosie Effect. He’s won a some prizes too, so it would be fair to say he’s a pretty successful/cool guy.

Anyway, besides being successful, he is also middle-aged. Some may argue that this is a success in itself, that’s fine. I think so too. But the main point I’m trying to make is that he is middle-aged and successful. Some interesting chats digressed between myself and my wonderful friend Andrew yesterday, in which we discovered a mutual fear of expectation. I say that this is mutual between myself and Andrew, but I am fairly certain it connects us with perhaps every individual on the planet. Andrew used the example of Michael Fassbender to illustrate his point, as I have just done with Simsion. But this story’s moral is simple really: it’s ok to not be a child prodigy! I am very relieved by this, because at 19 I felt like time was running out to become the next Shirley Temple.

So the point I have made is a fairly obvious one, but I figured, if we are all fundamentally the same, then technically we all have the same fears. And it’s good to know I’ve effectively got a life time to measure my success, or lack of. Cheers Fassbender for the life lesson! 

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